Niclolas Langlois stands as a luminary in the e-commerce consultancy sphere, marked by a career trajectory etched with remarkable milestones. With a tenure as an Area Manager at Amazon, Langlois laid the foundation for an illustrious journey. Transitioning to the helm of Niclolas Langlois Amazon Service, he demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering strategies that transformed seller dynamics. His consultancy prowess was further exemplified in his role as a Co-Founder at Amazoker, where he meticulously curated a team of over 55 professionals. His influence reverberates through the industry, characterized by a commitment to reinstate suspended accounts, optimize revenues for sellers within vast financial brackets, and redefine success paradigms in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Langlois' legacy is not just a testament to his roles but a testament to his transformative impact, reshaping businesses and setting benchmarks in the competitive e-commerce realm.