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When Amazon suspends your account or your listings, it hurts your business tremendously. Every minute your products are unavailable to buyers, you lose customers and sales, and therefore a lot of money.

At Amazoker, we’ll do an in-depth review of your account to identify the main issues, prepare a corrective action plan, and set up procedures that ensure your account stays active.

We can support customers to solve problems below. If you met any other issues, feel free to contact us and we are willing to support you as soon as possible.

Related Accounts

If you have multiple Amazon seller accounts, you are at risk of being suspended. Amazon only allows one seller account per person. Your credentials can be validated by their system. Even if you did not do it directly, Amazon will classify you as multiple sellers if your bank account, physical home or business address, and internet provider (IP) address matches with another account.


Listing Status Inactive / Re-Verify

Sometimes you intend to put your account as “Going on a vacation”, and then you can active it again easily. However, sometimes your Listing status is inactive without your intension, and you cannot active it yourself, and all the listings are shown out of stock although in stock in fact. That’s time Amazon requires seller to go through a document verification and review process.


Verify USA address

To provide a safe and trustworthy shopping experience for customers and selling partners, Amazon will contact a seller to verify their business address. A postcard containing a verification code is delivered to the address provided to Amazon. The delay in address verification may result in the cancellation in the deposit transfer after deadline set. After you verify your address, you can proceed Selling on Amazon. If you are unable to verify your address, please contact us and we will support you in completing the address verification process.

USA address verification

Item Not Sold As Described

The issue of the product description is far more serious. Understandably, a seller faces many strong competitors on the platform. However, many sellers exaggerate the product’s capabilities far more than they should. If you are receiving unfavorable feedback, it is your fault. A description is designed to present your goods in the most accurate and truthful way. It is the only way to have a successful business experience on the platform. As a result, if you don’t want to engage an Amazon appeal service for reinstatement, avoid it at all costs.

Inauthentic Items

Amazon takes pride in providing premium products to its customers. Any seller selling inauthentic items will have their Amazon account suspended faster than you can imagine. You may be required to provide documents to prove the authenticity of your products, such as a Trademark Certificate of Registration if you are the brand owner, an Authorization letter from the brand owner allowing you to sell their products, and other documents demonstrating a valid supply chain.


Used Item Sold As New

Amazon allows the sale of used products, but only under the category of refurbished. If you are selling a used item as if it were new, a negative customer review can put you on the edge of suspension. Avoid this by ensuring that everything you sell is as fresh as a breeze.

Used item sold as new

Restricted Product

Selling what is illegal under the law is, of course, illegal on Amazon. This includes items such as drugs, guns, and the like. One famous example was the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) products in the United States. When the legal situation was unclear, many people began selling various CBD products on Amazon. As a result, Amazon suspended all listings containing CBD and issued extremely specific listing criteria for selling CBD and hemp oil products on Amazon.


Intellectual Property Infringement

Obviously, Amazon will not file such a complaint on their own. If a rights owner (the party who owns a corresponding patent, trademark, or copyright) files an infringement claim against an Amazon Seller, Amazon may remove the product listing. Your seller account may be suspended as a result of this. However, many reports have been submitted regarding this by sellers in order to cause their competitors to suspend their operations. Amazon will suspend the account until further inquiry is completed or the reporter retracts their claims.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Provide Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage

As of September 1, 2021, under section 9 of the Business Solutions Agreement, you must obtain and maintain at least $1 million of commercial general, umbrella, or excess liability insurance, within 30 days after exceeding $10,000 in gross sales proceeds in a month on Amazon or if otherwise requested by Amazon. If you want no fuss and huge savings, contact us and we’ll help you select the coverage that’s perfect for your company.

liability insurance

Unable To Verify (Selling History)

Listing Violation Removal

Listing Violation Reinstatement


Obviously, Amazon will not file such a complaint on their own. If a rights owner (the party who owns a corresponding patent, trademark, or copyright) files an infringement claim against an Amazon Seller, Amazon may remove the product listing. Your seller account may be suspended as a result of this. However, many reports have been submitted regarding this by sellers in order to cause their competitors to suspend their operations. Amazon will suspend the account until further inquiry is completed or the reporter retracts their claims.



Dropshipping Violation

Seller Fulfilled Offer Deactivation


Bill Verification

Update UK VAT

Temporary Restraint Order (TRO)

Funds Hold Withdrawal

Multiple Unaddressed Issues

Lost Access



Build Your Own Appeal

USD 199

Free Consultation

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One Time Purchase


ASIN Reinstatement

USD 399

24h-48h Priority ($199/day)

Free Consultation

Unlimitted ASIN Appeal Letter

3-5 Business Days Processing

Email / Phone Support


Account Reinstatement

USD 599

24h-48h Priority ($199/day)

7-30 Day Warranty ($20/ day)

Free Consultation

Unlimitted Account Appeal Letter

3-5 Business Days Processing

Email / Phone Support


Account Management


Free Consultation and Advice

Unlimited Seller Account Suspension Appeal

All Month Account Health Prevention & Protection

All Violation Appeal

3/6/12 Months Contract

For 1 Account

Email / Phone Support



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My Amazon selling account has been suspended. If I only want consultation without deciding to hire the account reinstatement service, will there be a consultation fee?

Absolutely free! We can thoroughly assess the performance of your account at various levels of complexity in order to provide you with the most appropriate advice.

Can my Amazon selling account be guaranteed to be reinstated?

As experts in handling such issues, there is no guarantee of a 100% success rate. However, we will provide you with the best possible appeal service based on our extensive experience of over 6 years in selling and troubleshooting. During the consultation process, we will also provide an assessment of the success rate regarding the specific issue you are facing.

What if my Amazon selling account cannot be reinstated?

The appeal process and timeframe vary for each issue. It can involve multiple rejections, sometimes up to 20. We value both our time and yours, so we always aim to save time for both parties. When we assess that an account cannot be reinstated, we will cease further efforts, notify you, and provide a full refund.

If Amazon requests additional information or documents after you file an appeal, do you have to pay an additional fee?

If your Amazon selling account does not encounter any additional issues, the responsibility of preparing and providing additional information or documents lies with us. You do not have to pay any additional fees.

How long does it take for my account to be reinstated?

This depends on each individual case. Please provide me with the specific details of your case, and we will inform you of the average restoration time we typically encounter for that type of case. There are instances where Amazon takes a considerable amount of time to respond, and we cannot control their response time. We can only continue to follow up with Amazon to remind them and urge for a faster resolution.

Do you offer a refund if my account is reinstated but then gets suspended again?

Once your account has been reinstated and you receive notification of account reinstatement from Amazon, it means we have fulfilled our task, and the contract concludes. However, Amazon reserves the right to suspend your account for any other violations. If you have purchased a warranty package, we will continue to handle the issue if your account encounters the same problem as before. If your account experiences a different issue, we can still provide consultation and offer solutions.

How long does it typically take for Amazon to respond to each appeal you submit?

The response time from Amazon varies depending on the specific case. In some instances, Amazon may provide a quick response within a few hours. However, there are also cases where Amazon’s response time is slower, such as in intellectual property violations, which can take up to one month to receive a response.

If I send you multiple issues that need to be resolved, will you offer me a discount?

Absolutely. Depending on the number of cases the customer needs to address, we will provide the most attractive discount possible.

If my account has previously filed an unsuccessful appeal, do you still accept further processing?

In most cases, we still accept further appeals. Please send us the Amazon account suspension notice and the response from the previous unsuccessful appeal so that we can assess the situation.