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For sellers, one of the major hurdles when listing products is how to get approval for Amazon restricted brands (The products that violate the Amazon restricted Brand list). This is a common issue and can be frustrating, especially for new sellers. This restriction (restricted Amazon Brands products) is essential to safeguard Amazon’s business model. However, there might be certain products that fall within the Amazon restricted Brands list, yet you still want to sell them on Amazon. And you’re wondering how to get approval to sell brands on Amazon? This article provides the answers you seek.

The significant benefits of ungating successfully restricted Amazon Brands

When a Brand is restricted on Amazon, third-party sellers are not allowed to sell that Brand’s products without direct authorization from the manufacturer. Only authorized resellers can sell products from a restricted Brand on Amazon. Hence, being able to sell products from restricted Brands can bring significant benefits.

  • Increased Sales Potential: Gaining approval to sell a restricted brand can expand your product catalog, potentially leading to increased sales and revenue.
  • Enhanced Profitability and Higher Profit Margins: Restricted Brands often exhibit high demand with limited access granted to sellers. Selling products from these Brand can yield higher profits due to exclusivity and customer anticipation.
  • Competitive Advantage: Access to restricted Brands allows you to stand out among other sellers. This exclusivity can provide you with a competitive edge, especially when dealing with limited quantity items.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Selling renowned Brand aids in establishing trust and credibility for your store in the eyes of customers. Customers tend to place greater trust in products from recognized Brand.
  • Promoting Product Diversification: Having the ability to sell products from exclusive Brand opens opportunities to expand your product portfolio. This helps attract a diverse range of customers with varying needs.
  • Opportunities for Brand Partnerships: Successfully selling a restricted brand can lead to potential partnerships or collaborations with the brand owner, opening doors to further business opportunities.
  • Improved Seller Performance: Meeting Amazon’s criteria for selling restricted brands demonstrates compliance and competence, potentially positively impacting your overall seller performance metrics.
Successfully Ungating to sell Restricted Amazon Brands can offer several significant benefits

Successfully Ungating to sell Restricted Amazon Brands can offer several significant benefits

How to identify restricted Amazon Brands

There’s a possibility of this sounding too simple, but the initial step is verifying if you’re restricted from selling an item on Amazon. Whether you’re sourcing from a store or searching online at home, it’s crucial to confirm restrictions before buying items for resale. There are several methods available to check your restrictions:

  • You can utilize the Amazon Seller app by scanning the item’s barcode or inputting it via “Add a Product.” If restrictions apply, you’ll receive a prompt stating that the item “Requires Approval.”
  • Alternatively, using the Scoutify app, commonly employed for retail arbitrage sourcing and included with the InventoryLab listing and accounting program, can help. By scanning the barcode, you’ll notice a blue oval button featuring a crossed-out Amazon “a” logo and the letters AMZN, indicating restrictions. An orange “Product Alerts” button will appear too, providing details on restricted conditions/formats.
  • Additionally, by logging into Seller Central, navigating to the “Catalog,” and selecting “Add a Product,” you can enter an ASIN or UPC to review item restrictions. If the option “Sell Yours” appears after checking restrictions, you’re free to list the item. Conversely, if it prompts “Apply to Sell,” you’re currently restricted from selling that item, prompting further steps to address the restriction.
Detecting Restricted Amazon Brands involves a few steps

Detecting Restricted Amazon Brands involves a few steps

Ways to Get Approval for Amazon Restricted Brands

The approval process for restricted Amazon Brands is quite straightforward if you understand the steps involved.

Upon selecting the “Apply to Sell” button, Amazon evaluates your current seller metrics. If deemed adequate, you may receive automatic approval, commonly termed “auto approved” among Amazon sellers. Alternatively, Amazon guides you through the necessary steps to secure approval.

At times, the process how to get amazon brand approval is swift and seamless—simply clicking “Apply to Sell” may grant automatic approval based on your seller metrics. Yet, there are instances where Amazon may request additional information or documentation. Requirements may include invoices within 180 days, exclusion of pricing information (if optional), evidence of a minimum purchase of 10 units, inclusion of your and the manufacturer or distributor’s name and address, and relevance to the requested permission.

If opting for a Letter of Authorization, ensure the submitted documentation meets specific criteria:

  • The letter must be valid, unexpired, and dated.
  • It should feature the manufacturer’s name and contact details.
  • Your name and address within the document should align with your selling account information.

If your application for approval is rejected, there’s no need to worry – it’s not the end of the road. Receiving a denial or a request for additional information doesn’t mean you can’t reapply later. Over time, as you continue selling on Amazon, your seller metrics such as return rate, seller feedback, customer service rating, and others will improve, making you eligible for approval in more categories and brands.

Make sure to revisit and reapply after 3 to 6 months. Often, you might receive automatic approval later because you’ve enhanced your seller metrics or gained more experience with your selling account.

Should you wish to expedite the process within the 3 to 6-month timeframe, I recommend utilizing the service I’m preparing to introduce below.

Reputable Amazon Appeal Services Supplier Entities: Amazoker Account Ungating Service

If you’re facing difficulties obtaining approval for an Restricted brand on Amazon, it might be advantageous to consider engaging the Amazon Ungating Service of Amazoker. Renowned for their expertise, Amazoker specializes in supporting Amazon sellers through ungating processes, managing appeals for account suspension, and addressing account verification challenges. Backed by a remarkable success rate and commendable client endorsements, they have proficiently facilitated numerous sellers in obtaining approval for restricted Brands.

Reputable entities like Amazoker provide services to assist in Ungating Amazon accounts

Reputable entities like Amazoker provide services to assist in Ungating Amazon accounts

Contact information:

For a comprehensive understanding of their offerings, please contact them using the information provided below for additional details:

As you desire to get approval for Amazon restricted brands, remember that knowledge is power. Stay informed, keep abreast of policy updates, and leverage the resources available to you. By doing so, you equip yourself not only to navigate the intricacies of brand approval on Amazon but also to unlock the full potential of your business within the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Here’s to your success in navigating the world of restricted brands on Amazon!

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